Dog Parks

Eastside, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has amazing dog parks. Many parks have incredible desertscaping designed to keep you and your pooch as comfortable as possible. There’s plenty of land for your dog to cover at these two park favorites.

Dog rescue from Nevada SPCA
Iggy Pop, a sweet stray rescued by Nevada SPCA adopted at the young age of 12. Young at heart and a super sweet Lab/Curly Coat mix.

Dog Fancier Park

Dog Fancier Park, Las Vegas, Eastside Dog Park
Iggy Pop, Dog Fancier Park

One of the most impressive dog parks I came across for the sheer space is Dog Fancier’s Park located just East of Boulder Highway on Flamingo. Dog Fancier’s Park sits next to Horse Fancier’s Park, both parks can be followed from their Facebook page. Dog Fancier’s Park sits on an incredible 12 acres of land and has 5 off leash areas for your dog. All areas are fenced in and offer those picnic tables under shady trees and awnings. It’s an incredible experience to drive in on a day when rodeos are going on next door.

Sunset Park / dog park @ warm springs

Dog in Sunset Park
Iggy Pop, in Sunset Park

Walk your dog at Sunset Park, you’ll need to keep your pooch on a leash per Park requirements. For some off-leash time go to the dog park on E Warm Springs Road off of Eastern Avenue.

This dog park is next to the baseball field and has three separate dog runs designed for small, medium and large dogs.

This corner of Sunset Park is a favorite because of the open green space between the dog runs and baseball fields. Despite the constant traffic on Eastern Ave there is a quiet zen to the area. Walking along the old historic rail tracks is a plus. As a bonus, get an amazing coffee, sweet or sandwich at a new coffeeshop across from the park, Pour Coffeehouse.

Find Your Dog Park

DogGoes is a website for finding dog parks across the country and they also offer an app through the Apple Store. It was a great help when I kept coming across out of date Yelp reviews on dog parks and I didn’t have a clue to the way city of Las Vegas was laid out. Now you can drill straight down to a page on DogGoes to a map of the dog parks are making it easier to research the area these parks are in.

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