#DTLV Art: A “Snowball in Vegas”

Meet “Snowball in Vegas”, a 10 feet feline  located at the corner of 1st Street and Coolidge Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas. Jesse Smigel is the artist behind “Snowball in Vegas”, an art sculpture in locatedin #DTLV.

Snowball in Vegas, #DTLV Art
“Snowball in Vegas”, part of the First Street Arts Installation. Is Snowball licking the car?

According to Las Vegas Weekly the art piece was:

“Commissioned by the City of Las Vegas’ Arts Commission, “Snowball” stands as the inaugural sculpture for the city’s First Street Art Trail, which will someday connect the Arts District to Fremont Street.”

“Snowball in Las Vegas” is one of 4 art installations on the First Street Art Trail between Boulder and Bridger Avenues. When describing Snowball in Vegas Smigel says:

… The idea was to have an element downtown that required or necessitated the use of one’s cell phone and social media. So the idea is you’re supposed to directly interact with it and… post the picture to social media

A quick news piece about Snowball in Vegas and Jesse Smigel is available here.

The City of Las Vegas unveiled four art pieces on the First Street Art Trail in November 2014. In addition to Snowball in Vegas visitors will find “Cycled Musings”, “Vegas Jackpot Art Cache” and “Strata” and “Windows on First”.

According to the Las Vegas Arts Commission Cycled Musings is:

… text-based “wheel art” can be found on the eight groupings of bright green bike racks along the Art Trail. You will find custom phrases by well-known writers, poets and thinkers, each designed and hand-stenciled by the artist. Share your favorite bike-related text and Cycled Musings photos by emailing us at CLVarts@lasvegasnevada.gov for possible inclusion in the City social media.

“Vegas Jackpot Art Cache” combines geocache and art. Visitors bring their own ink pad and log book and search for custom stamps following clues that lead them through the First Street Arts Trail. More details are available from the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs.

The large windows at City Hall host “Windows on First” a series of temporary art exhibits that are part of the First Street Arts Trail. Paintthisdesert.com describes the “Strata” installation as: “an interpretation of the effect of time and light on the Mojave Desert landscape and references geological formations through color, line and layers.”

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas was established in 1998 and was originally made up an 18 block area dedicated to artists and live/work space. Pedestrians can explore the 18b district at The Arts Gallery, located off the corner of E Charleston Blvd and S Main Street and wander in and out of local art galleries.