First Friday in February is Here!


First Friday, Las Vegas, Downtown
Image Source: Credited to the First Friday event site:

First Friday is here inclusive of outdoor events today from 4PM – 11PM! Because of the cold last month, all First Friday events were kept indoors. The weather is in the mid 70s and perfect to showcase First Friday’s Carnival theme, featuring two great parades Big Easy style! 

Each parade starts at Casino Center and Charleston, the first at 6:30PM, the second at 9PM. Everyone is welcome to participate, come in your own costume, bring your own beads, make your own float! With this weather it will be a great evening to celebrate outside.

First Friday celebrates local artists and celebrates the Arts District. The Arts District is also known as 18b, which references the 18 blocks originally occupied by the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. The area falls within Colorado Avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard, Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue and 4th Street.

Along with the opportunity to see great artwork, there is live music, great food stalls, amazing vintage shops including one of my favorites, The Glam Factory. There is always something vintage, special and amazing to find there. You can follow them on Facebook.

To move around the various First Friday events you can hop on  a shuttle that will bring folks back and forth from 18b to Fremont from 5PM-11PM.

For more information about tonight’s event check out the First Friday website.

Keep an eye out for this flyer!