It’s a Druid Thing, Get Ready for a Fertile Vegas Spring

Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF. Image Source:
Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF. Image Source:
Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF. Image Sourced from:


On March 21st 2015 between 3-5PM a Vernal Equinox High Day Ritual will be hosted by Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF at 2860 N. Bronco St., Las Vegas, NV (map). 

This event is hosted by a local congregation of the Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), an international fellowship devoted to promoting a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry. The southern Nevada local congregation is the Larrea Tridentata Protogrove and was founded in Las Vegas in 2009. 

The Druids of Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF describe their organization below:

We are polytheistic, hold public rituals and seek to better our world and ourselves. Though ADF uses the term ‘druid’ to describe the form of religion we practice, we are not limited to the Celtic or Irish path in our practices, nor are we reconstructionists limited by the practices of the ancients. Instead, Larrea Tridentata is a modern neopagan grove who addresses two separate but similar cultures, Hellenic and Irish, splitting our ritual year evenly between them.

More information about the ritual planned for Saturday March 21st is available here. The event will include song, chants and prayers to Mother Earth and to honor the Spirits of Nature. This is a family friendly event, all are welcome and will be hosted outdoors.