Mexican Food in Paradise, 24 Hours at Las Famosas

Las Famosas de Jose, Killer Mexican, Paradise Las Vegas. Image Source: Las Famosas on FaceBook

You’re tired from a long week, you’re looking for Mexican food in Paradise (Eastside, Las Vegas) and you want a 24 hour drive through without hitting up another greasy fast food chain. Where do you go? Las Famosas de Jose #1 is where you go if you’re looking for a great Mexican fix. 

Las Tortas, are They Really Worth the Fame of Famosas?



By a look of that torta, yes. Las Famosas de Jose is a very modest in attitude while the exterior is colorful and stands out against the usual white concrete mall space. Thanks to a thoughtful piece by KNPR, we find out that the owner, Fernando Rojas, is from Mexico City. His tortas are influenced by the wide regional spectrum of Mexicans that lived in and passed through Mexico City. Read more about Fernando Rojas and Las Famosas in this KNPR piece, Dining:Tortaland by Sarah Kokernot.

In addition to the tortas, I kept coming back for their awesome tacos, the pozole, enormous quesadillas and burritos. Did I say that 24 hour drive through came in handy?

Traffic moves fast on Tropicana. I drove past Las Famosas several frustrating times before I was able to navigate congested E Tropicana traffic and make it to the drive through. Las Famosas is neighbor to Discount Tires, and piggy back to an auto store. Unless you know they’re there, they can be easily missed, and if you’re hungry, well they’re worth the effort.